* The rules to be used are DBM version 3.2, the latest army lists, and the current International Wargames Federation clarifications.

* The initial foreign allied command cannot be unreliable, and its general obtains the same benefit to movement PIP as the overall army CinC. Any subsequent allied commands do not receive these benefits. The definition of a foreign ally for these purposes is one that would under normal circumstances be capable of changing sides, or must be from a separate army list or must be an indented ally, or of a distinctly different nationality from the CinC.

* The cost of an Allied general may be reduced by 10 points if regular and 5 points if irregular, if this has not already been altered in the army lists.

* All troops that are double based must be costed in accordance with v3.1 and must be noted on the submitted army lists.

* All army lists must be submitted by the prescribed date. They must specify the number of element equivalents and demoralisation levels for each command and for the whole army. If more than one foreign ally is used the list must also specify which general is guaranteed to be reliable.

* Army lists must indicate the climate, aggression factor, year, geographical region and general where relevant.

* The total army size must not exceed 500 AP.

* One player must initially play as the overall army CinC. The remaining generals must be equally distributed between the players with an imbalance of no greater than one, with the further condition that no player can have less than 30% of the army points.

* Players may only control commands that are adjacent, that is, each player must operate at his/her end of the table. Commands (not players) may subsequently be freely switched on the battlefield to satisfy any tactical situation. However, commands must continue to be distributed with an imbalance of no greater than one.

* Game duration is 3½ hours including deployment.

* Table size is 6' x 4'.

* Players must fully define their troops as they are placed on table.

* Each team must supply their own terrain. Note: Any terrain deemed to be unsuitable or unsportsmanlike shall be removed from play at the discretion of the umpire. This clearly includes unpainted or geometrically crafted terrain, and terrain which is designed to give an advantage. When such pieces are removed by the umpire they may not be replaced.

* Teams will share a common set of dice to be supplied by the attacker. The defender chooses combat dice first.

* A modified Swiss Chess system will operate throughout the competition.

* The current MSSA scoring system shall be used.

* Admission to the tournament is at the sole discretion of the organisers.

* All teams shall consist of a Junior and a Senior player, or two junior players. The CinC must be a junior player. The junior player shall choose which army shall be used. A Senior Player is considered to be a player who has senior provincial and/or national colours.


* The championship shall be played two days, with games beginning at 9H00 on both days.

* Only one list may be used as per IWF championships.

* Old Edwardian Wargames Club members shall team up with Old Edwardian Wargames Club members, but in the event that an Old Edwardian player is unable to team up with a fellow club member, such Old Edwardian may team up with any other player.

* The entry fee is R50.00 per team.

* Cheques must be made payable to: The Old Edwardian Society, or payments may be deposited directly into the Old Edwardian account

BRANCH CODE: 256-205
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62071433115

* No new bound may start 10 minutes before finishing time.

* Awards:

Winners shall be awarded a commemorative keepsake plaque.
            Teams that finish in the first three places shall receive medals.

* The organiser's and/or umpire's decision on all matters is final.

* Army lists must be submitted for checking, not later than 2 weeks before the championship. The lists must be set out specifying the name of the troop type concerned and be fully detailed. A penalty for late or poorly set out lists may be imposed. All correspondence must enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

* All correspondence must enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. Players who indicate an e-mail address will receive results and information via e-mail.